Take your knowledge and make it digital! E-Learning courses allow people to learn new skills or earn degrees without attending physical, academic settings or universities and have revolutionized and changed how we look at knowledge and skill acquisition. Due to the Coronavirus, experts estimate that the e-Learning industry’s value will hit $660 billion by 2027.

Online Course Creation

You’re busy, and the last thing in the world you have time for is taking a course about making a course. You need results, and at MK Way, we’re here to get them for you.


There are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to creating a successful online course. With online course creation, you can organize, direct, and create content to reach your target audience worldwide. Not only do you need to create engaging content, but you also need marketing skills, technical support, and CTAs or sales funnels. 

What we do:

Learning Management System(LMS)

LMS is an online software platform designed for the creation, delivery, and tracking of online courses and programs. It allows you to put all of your content in one place while granting global audiences access to content regardless of their timezone. It is estimated that 87% of learners use some form of LMS for their eLearning needs. 


You may want your students or employees to take some form of online training. Instead of sending training material via email or *gasp* printed materials, an LMS will get the job done. If you feel that your current training model is not providing the results you want, an LMS is the perfect solution for you.


Going Digital with Online Education

Since 2020 Online Education has proven to be a necessity for a lot of organizations with a long history of Training Services. Sometimes a solution becomes a long-term advantage. This was the case with our client that quickly realised the benefits of online training as an opportunity to improve their Education Department. 

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