Social Media Trends 2022: Increase Your Social Media Share Success

People do a lot of things on social media. Share, connect, discover, buy, sell, discuss, and more. They maintain their social media presence. Social media is an important aspect of human life and its daily routines in the current world. The debates on TikTok versus Instagram have floated to everyone’s dining rooms. And the trends! The TikTok trends in 2022 are looking really different from the earlier days of the app. The same can be said for Instagram trends in 2022 and other smaller social media platforms.


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The new power is controlling social media. Share and subscribe. And beyond. That is why, every year, brands, businesses, and marketers focus on social media trends. 


2022 is no different. 


To remain ahead of the marketing game, brands have to pay attention to modern technologies. Social media is evolving and its impact on human life is dramatic. Maintaining a brand’s social media presence and social media share success rate can help. It increases the visibility of the business. 


To utilize the full power of social media this year, we have compiled an exhaustive list of social media trends in 2022 that need attention: 


TikTok versus Instagram 


Tik Tok versus instagram


TikTok vs Instagram is an old thing. The rivalry is not new. Backed by the continuing popularity of short-form video content, TikTok is on the rise. It’s a big favorite amongst millennials and Gen Z, right behind Instagram. 


TikTok is giving a new edge to the TikTok vs Instagram debate. TikTok Trends in 2022 are not only about makeup and dance. The app is broadening its identity beyond an entertainment platform. It has launched many useful tools like ads and business profiles. These are developments targeting businesses. TikTok is set to become the main platform with which to reach the youth. 


Ads on small networks 

Facebook still remains the most popular social media app among the public. In 2021, Apple announced that it will block Facebook’s ability to target big segments of its users. This sends an important message for brands. They should start looking at other platforms to continue their social media presence. 


Apart from TikTok, both Pinterest and Snapchat are gaining popularity as marketing platforms. Both consumers and brands are moving towards these smaller networks. For improving social media presence, brands are moving towards smaller platforms. And data shows that ads on these platforms are finding a bigger audience. 


Data by Pinterest Business says that ads for retail brands on the platform can bring in twice the amount of ad spend than other social platforms. Even for Snapchat, advertising statistics show that the audience is growing. 


Expansion of social commerce 

It is one thing when you need a social media campaign to market. It is quite another thing when it is social commerce. Social commerce which was already growing will become a norm in 2022. That is why eMarketer expects the social commerce industry to become worth $80 billion by 2025. 


The next stage of evolution for social platforms is becoming retail platforms. Shoppable posts or Instagram Storefronts social commerce will be everywhere in 2022. The goal for brands and marketers is to create a unified and seamless shopping experience for their customers. 


To maintain social media share success rate is important. More so when your selling platform is also on social media. Trends in 2022 are all about selling via social media. 


The goal is to reach a new audience 

In 2022, brands will be looking to nurture their relationships with their users via social media. ‘Share and sell’ is not going to be the only aim. HubSpot research says that in 2022, most marketers will be aiming at these three things: 

  • reaching new audiences, 
  • growing relationships with their customers, and 
  • boosting their customer service. 
  • Video content will continue ruling 


According to social media trends in 2022, long-form will make space for success stories like Stories, Reels, and TikTok. Short and engaging videos will become the preferred format for users. Brands will rely increasingly on video content for marketing to stay relevant. 


To dominate social media brands, need video content. A Cisco study shows that by 2022, 82% of content online will be video content. Any content and marketing strategy will have to rely on videos to succeed. 


Social audio for social media presence 

Audio is here. and brands are taking notice. Since its launch in 2020, Clubhouse has become quite popular. Facebook quickly followed suit and released Live Audio Rooms and podcasts in the US.  


Hootsuite’s Social Media Trends 2022 survey shows that more than 74% of businesses are going to invest in audio-only content. The survey also revealed that the most popular strategy was hosting an audio live stream as a thought leader on social media. Share it.


And, then enjoy the attention. 


But, the audio-only format requires a lot of time, expertise, and thereby, money. Using it to improve a brand’s social media presence will cost money. 


Paid ads

Paid advertising is a necessity 

Social media shares can get you so far. The rest of the way is ads. Hootsuite’s Social Media Trends 2022 survey reports two big challenges faced by brands. One is the decline in organic reach. The other is the resulting increase in paid advertising budgets. And more than 40% of respondents agree with it. The average organic reach for any Facebook post is a little over 5%. This is why paid ads will remain a necessity in 2022.  


Augmented reality (AR) will become common 

Amongst popular Instagram trends in 2022 will be AR. While virtual reality (VR) in social media might still be in its initial stages, augmented reality (AR) is already popular. AR enhances reality by adding digital elements, for e.g., adding bunny ears on a selfie. Simple filters are a common method of enhancing the content on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. 


In the future, AR will become more common in social commerce. It will help enhance shopping experiences for customers. AR will allow users to try the products before buying. The Drum reports that AR can improve click-through rates by almost 33%. With more efforts from social media platforms, the AR functionalities will improve with time. This, in turn, will raise the demand for more AR functions, and so on the technology will grow more. 


Influencer marketing will continue to grow 

Not so much as a new trend, but influencer marketing will continue to grow in 2022. Influencers getting paid massive amounts to promote brands are here to stay. The number of influencers on social media is increasing and so are influencer marketing budgets. 

Some of the biggest reasons behind the success of influencer marketing are: 

  • cheaper than paid ad campaigns, 
  • delivers good results, and 
  • helps deliver a variety of marketing goals, not just leads. 


Having a small network of niche and relevant influencers will be a popular strategy for brands. This will enhance engagement and cost less. Though, aligning brands with the best influencers will be a challenge. 


Use of social media for customer service will increase 

Social media platforms are evolving. What began with connecting and sharing amongst friends and followers is growing. Social media is turning into a platform for retail, product discovery, and even for delivering customer service.  


The transition to customer service was only natural. As customers discussed brands on social media, brands too began engaging with them. Customer service via social media is projected to grow. In the future, these interactions between brands and customers will only grow manifold. According to Gartner, more than half of the customer service requests will be resolved over social media by 2023. 


Personalization on social media

Personalization will be very important 

Personalization on social media will remain very crucial in 2022. Brands will use social media channels to target as many customer segments as possible. The delivery of social media ads will be the focus of this personalization trend. 


Social media platforms provide advanced targeting as well as customization options for marketers. They help brands show the right ads to the right people at the right time. And these platforms also learn from user behaviors to refine the ad results. 


User-generated content will continue to get popular 

A lot of brands like Airbnb and Daniel Wellington use user-generated content (UGC) for their marketing. In 2022, this trend will continue to gain popularity. With relevant content and context, UGC can be a dramatic strategy for a brand. It can enhance a brand’s image without any added cost and help increase trust amongst users. 


Local targeting will become more common 

Just like local SEO works for a brand in an area, local targeting works for social media. Using location-based targeting to attract users from a specific location is widespread practice. It helps local people find brands and content. Leveraging location-based targeting on social media in 2022 can boost brands by a lot. 


Social listening will gain importance 

Social media is crucial not only for sales and engagement. But, also for social listening and data-gathering. Be it understanding the result of a social media campaign or figuring out what your users feel about your brand, social listening is in. It has entered the strategy charts of all marketers with the arrival of so many social listening tools 

Social listening is easy. It provides a lot of important and actionable insights. According to Hootsuite’s Social Media Trends 2022 survey, the majority of brands feel they added value to their organization via social listening.  


social listening

Instagram and Twitter will remain powerful 

Smaller social media channels might be growing but Twitter and Instagram still hold a strong fort. And they will keep on growing in 2022. Those Instagram trends of 2022 are still important!  

Research by HubSpot says that Instagram and Twitter will rise in importance for B2B businesses specifically. 70% of respondents plan to increase their Twitter investment. 63% of B2B businesses will increase their Instagram investment. And 49% will ramp up their Facebook investment. 


Inclusivity will be the rule 

According to social media trends, in 2022, customers will have high standards. Brands need to know which social causes their customers relate to and then show action. And users expect their brands to show inclusivity and prove their commitment to it. This way brands can remain relevant and keep their social media presence in the right light.  


social media communities

Social media communities will continue growing 

A single social media share does not make a brand. Communities do. Social media communities are social groups that are created by brands. For brands, it is especially important to maintain these communities on social media. To share any latest news about the brand with their users as well as listen to them. A notable example is Facebook Groups. 


Brands use these communities to maintain their social media presence. They use these social media communities for many reasons such as: 

  • a networking platform for their users,  
  • bringing their existing and prospective customers, 
  • engage with their users meaningfully, 
  • share topics and user issues, 
  • find solutions to their challenges. 
  • launch new products, 
  • seek customer feedback, 
  • gain valuable customer insights and more.  


Social Media Trends 2022 – A Wrap-Up 

On social media, a share, even a single one, matters when it comes to businesses. Social media trends in 2022 are less focused on selling and are more about connecting with customers and making meaningful relationships with them. The TikTok trends in 2022 as well as the Instagram trends in 2022 are focused on broadening, nurturing, and strengthening the user base to drive business.  


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