AMA – Websites

This episode is all about websites, and the potential that a good website has in giving your business greater market growth and brand presence.   Why do I need a

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AMA – Branding

This episode is about the significance of brand identity in building businesses, and the creativity, design, money and intention that goes into creating a successful brand. What is a brand?

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This episode is about CRMs or Customer Relationship Management. Most of our customers that do have websites are under-utilizing CRMs. We’re going to use Frequently Asked Questions from business owners,

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AMA: Google My Business Part 2

We’re taking a deep dive into Google My Business, now called Google Business Profile, and answer the most common questions we get from our clients.   Why was my Google

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AMA – All about Chatbots

Can chatbots help my business grow? Listen in as our CEO, Mike Kwal, breaks down Chatbots for our current and future clients.   What are chatbots?    Chatbots are applications;

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Social Media

 A Social Media presence is essential to help you engage with your audience while learning about their interests. However in communication what you say is not all that matters; how you say it and the visuals that accompany it are just as important. 


Your Brand’s identity needs to speak clearly with your Target Audience. The Visual assets should portray the brand’s values as well the mission statement

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SEO Blog Management

Good, SEO Optimized & engaging content can set you apart from your competition on the Search Results Page. Blog Management will generate long term consistent Organic Traffic to your website.