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Did you know small businesses with blogs get 126% more lead growth than those without a blog? Having a blog allows you to showcase information, personality, and authority to help your brand truly stand out from the crowd. It is a direct communication channel that can show who you are, not just what you do.

Research shows that the more content your audience consumes from your website, the more likely they will return and buy from you. Well-written content that provides valuable information to your readers will help you earn greater trust and credibility for your brand and provide you with content to distribute across the web.  

Blog writing

We’ll make sure your company’s voice is on-brand, that the information is not only correct but is actually the information your customers are looking for and interested in, and that it’s written and formatted in a way that holds people’s attention when they are reading online. We’ll also make sure your call to action are strong, easy to find, and easy to understand.

Search engines LOVE new content, making blogging an excellent lead-generation technology for your business. Blog posts that contain unique content optimized for SEO can help your business quickly rise to the top of the search results. At MK Way, we are content writers, creators and social media enthusiasts.

What we do:

What we do:

Blog SEO Optimization

We use the latest content & AI optimization technology to fine-tune your content for what people want to find online. Your content will have a much better chance to rank on Google.ca or Google.com when it’s competitively ranked using the right tools.

Blog optimization is a crucial step into getting the most eyes on your website. Search engine robots rank highly optimized content higher in the search results compared to non-optimized content. If you already have a blog and it’s not giving you the traffic you want, our team of professional writers can re-write or ‘jazz-up’ your existing pages and articles with unique content and keyword optimization.

Blog Management

Blog management is a professional on-page SEO service that maintains your blog articles once they’re uploaded. With professional content writing & SEO blog optimization, blog management is like the wings to your spaceship. While the latter two are important, blog management helps you maintain your positions and increases your local presence by adding technical SEO best practices to your blogs – including alt-tags, m-tags, h-tags and schema. 

Our goal is to maintain your blog, so you can invest more time into growing your business – website visitor conversions and engaging with prospects through your content.

What we do:

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Good SEO Optimized & engaging content can set you apart from your competition on the Search Results Page ranking. Paid media can help you achieve fast results, but Blog Management will generate long term consistent Organic Traffic to your website. Our client collaborated with us to capture the brand’s voice and use it in the most relatable way to his target audience. Making Content that matters to your audience helps them find you quicker! 

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