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Learn about our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, online training solution

Our program delivers actionable guidance through real-life stories, empowering employees to recognize and prevent harassment, racism, and sexism.

Fill out the form to watch an insightful 30-minute webinar where we delve into the successful customization of our DEI program for IATSE. Discover how we can tailor our course to align seamlessly with your company’s unique needs!

Are you still relying on outdated, in-person training for your staff?

In today’s digital age, it’s time to consider the benefits of digitalizing your training programs. By using our services, you can create engaging, effective online courses that are accessible to your staff anytime, anywhere. We specialize in ideation, content creation, project management, creative direction, and more. Let us help you take your training to the next level and improve the knowledge and skills of your employees.

How we revolutionize your staff on-boarding & training

Our Services


Our creative veterans will work with you to brainstorm ideas and provide solutions that fit your unique requirements, ensuring that your training stands out and engages your employees.

Project Management

A dedicated project manager will work with you every step of the way, to ensure a seamless and stress-free experience. We’ll manage the entire process, to ensure that your training is delivered on time and on budget.

Creative Direction

We’ll create a visually appealing course that reflects your unique identity and engages your employees in a delightful learning experience, working closely with your team to understand your branding and culture.

Graphics Design

Our talented designers will create custom graphics and illustrations that will enhance the overall learning experience.

Script Development:

Our team of writers will develop engaging scripts for your training program that will keep learners interested and focused.


We’ll help bring your training to life through creating real scenarios and then animating them to create an immersive and interactive learning experience for your employees.


We’ll provide professional voice-over services in multiple languages to make your training program accessible to a wider audience.


Our team of award-winning directors and producers will film real-life scenarios and processes to create engaging and authentic online staff training content.

Landing page development

We’ll design and develop a dedicated landing page for your employees to access their online training and get all the instructions they need.

Our Diversity,

Equity & Inclusion Training Solution

Did you know that he estimated cost of workplace harassment claims in the US alone each year is $30 billion?

Research has shown that creating a culture of respect in the workplace has numerous benefits for companies, including increased productivity, higher employee morale, and reduced turnover rates.

By investing in our anti-harassment training course, you are not only demonstrating your commitment to your employees’ safety and well-being, but also laying the foundation for a more successful and thriving workplace.

A Solution tailored to your needs, delivered through an LMS platform

Our DEI training is tailored to your industry’s needs and reflects your unique brand and culture. Our engaging program features story-based learning, real workplace scenarios, gamification, and interactive quizzes. Employees at all levels receive actionable guidance to recognize and prevent harassment, racism, and sexism, creating a culture of respect in your organization.

Providing actionable guidance through real workplace stories

The Team

We pride ourselves on having a highly skilled and diverse team of experts, including professionals in filming, project management, administration, graphic design, animation, and web design. Our team has a wealth of experience and knowledge, and we work together seamlessly to deliver top-notch solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Meet the directors

Tatjana Green

File Producer/Director

Mike Kwal

Online Course Director

Anastasia Tsoupa

Creative Director

Let’s work together to make your company’s training exceptional.

According to a study by IBM, companies that use e-learning tools and strategies can boost productivity by up to 50%.

A report by the eLearning Industry found that e-learning programs have an average retention rate of 25% to 60%, while face-to-face training has a retention rate of just 8% to 10%.

Online training can save organizations between 50-70% on training costs as compared to traditional in-person training.

91% of employees say that they prefer interactive and gamified training courses over traditional classroom-style training.