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SEO & Blog Management

Nature's Shade

Good, SEO Optimized & engaging content can set you apart from your competition on the Search Results Page. Blog Management will generate long term consistent Organic Traffic to your website.


Empathy Host

Your Brand’s identity needs to speak clearly with your Target Audience. The Visual assets should portray the brand’s values as well the mission statement.

UI/UX Web Design

Scissorscut App

Conversion rate optimization and UI/UX Website Redesign will help improve the performance of any outdated website. 

WordPress Website

Lisa Hutcheson

Since 2019 Online Education has proven to be a necessity for a lot of organizations with a long history of Training Services. 


Our Clients are first and foremost our Partners. Our partnerships prioritize mutual growth and services based on empathy. That is why we are proud to show the work developed, as it is equal parts important to our clients as to our own success.

Landing Page UI/UX Design

Your Conversion Destination. 

UX (User Experience) is like the blueprint of your website. It determines how the user interface operates and its functionality. UI (User Interface) determines how easily and intuitively a person can do what they need to do with your site.  Both are extremely important to the success of your website and can make or break the success of a business or brand. 


Engage with your Audience.

This may surprise you, but copywriting is EVERYWHERE. Good copywriting is concise, empathy-based content that uses words to motivate your audience to take some form of action like clicking a link or making a purchase. Much of the content you read online is copywriting, including most web pages, promotional emails, and social media content.


Enhance your Customer’s Journey.

E-Commerce websites facilitate sales transactions of goods and services online. It functions similarly to the physical retail industry; the only difference is it takes place entirely online.
Our Design and Web Development team has the know-how to launch your store into the digital space with all the best practices in mind. Making sure your customers have a pleasant and engaging experience on every page they visit. 


Maximize your Site’s Performance.

A website audit is a complete analysis of all the factors that affect your website’s visibility in search engines. The goal is to analyze any weak points in your website that affects overall traffic and web performance. Website audits are not only about SEO but also about UX and design, lead generation, content, and social media. We tell you areas that you can and should improve and anything else we may find during your website audit.


Get your business to the NEXT LEVEL

Our overarching social media strategy will provide you with the full picture of how your business is placed within the market and what would be the best way to tackle its growth in presence, dynamics, audience and sales.

This is your navigation chart and you will need to have it if you want to conscious and consistently improve and get your business to the next level.

Once we understand your audience and your message, we need to create a tactical plan for how, where and when we’re going to reach out to social media, whether it’s Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn.


At MK Way, we believe that every business, no matter its size, has the potential to succeed. Our goal is to offer value-based digital agency services where the ROI is empathy and relationships are nurtured. We dedicate our time to providing solutions for continual business growth and an exceptional customer experience. Through every purchase made, we donate time back to our community initiative and focus it on the area you call home.

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MK Way is founded on the principles of community and transparency. Our work is guided by our goal to practise respect, empathy, collaboration, and commitment in everything we do.

We care about our community and the impact we have on it. We believe that transparency and respect are what it takes to build a successful digital marketing plan, which means we will never sell you an idea that we don’t think will benefit your business. We offer our client’s a no BS approach in business through our reality check frameworks. Let us help you take your business to the next level. 

Empathy is transparency. In everything we do, we believe in having empathy and transparency to feel what others feel and understand our client’s business as if it was our own. We use a high level of empathy to communicate, create metaphors, and share ideas. This level of transparency is virtually unheard of; there’s this taboo around sharing information in digital marketing, SEO, and website building. More often than not, you feel completely left in the dark. 


Our approach is to be your trustworthy digital garage. Oftentimes, Mike will tell the story of Mike’s Auto Garage to explain that how we operate on websites is similar to the way your car mechanic lifts your car on the hydraulics and looks underneath it with you. We’ll look under the hood and show you if you need to replace just the coolant or the whole engine. 

To us, collaboration is working and growing together to help support each other for the sake of a common goal. If we fail to work together, we fail to move forward. We built our team to have a high level of empathy and care for each other and our clients. In doing so, we truly believe in providing an exceptional experience for every person involved. 

Commitment is empathy to yourself, to your team, and others. At MK Way, it is our goal to always be true to our clients and ourselves. Our commitment is far deeper than just a partnership with a client. Our commitment is to be loyal to each other and you, based on the questions that matter, like: ‘how are people looking for your business,’ or ‘what search terms are they using to find your business.’ We don’t just sell a product because we have to sell it that month. We challenge the way you think and run your business to make it the best business possible. That’s the commitment you’ll get from us. 


Social Media

Energy Infrastructure Partners in Zurich hired Lounge Lizard to create the new EIP brand id, Multi-Lingual Website, and marketing collateral.


Energy Infrastructure Partners in Zurich hired Lounge Lizard to create the new EIP brand id, Multi-Lingual Website, and marketing collateral.

blog management results chart

SEO Blog Management

Energy Infrastructure Partners in Zurich hired Lounge Lizard to create the new EIP brand id, Multi-Lingual Website, and marketing collateral.


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that cares about you and keeping your digital business secure.

Whether your business is large or small, you can sleep easier knowing Empathy Host is protecting your business through continuous website monitoring.

Get in touch to learn more about our friendly hosting solutions or to get free advice on your hosting needs. Our team of experts is available to help customise the best option for your business.


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